Usage / Utilization

Put your data to work for your business.

What it is.
Usage Management – also known as “Call Accounting” – got its start when telecom departments essentially served as a phone company for their organization. Now, years later, all kinds of organizations are seeking solutions to proactively manage the continuously expanding array of usage-based services both to recoup and reduce costs.
Why it matters for you.
Whether you’re collecting CDR/SMDR data from phone switches and carrier files or managing other usage such as data services, print services, web services, etc., our team can help simplify the process of collecting, processing, and rating usage. This data can then be used for reporting, security inquiries, and chargeback.

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Assets / Inventory

Know what you have, where it is, and who’s responsible.

What it is.
At PCR, we deliver the tools to easily and proactively manage all your inventory items and organizational assets—from procurement to storage, distribution to retirement.
Why it matters for you.
PCR-360 isn’t limited to just your telephony items. We can support inventory and assets across your organization, so you never lose track of anything. PCR-360 also integrates with barcode scanners, making the entry of data easier, more seamless, and more accurate.

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Service Desk

Ensuring the integrity of your data.

What it is.
Our Service Desk tool serves as the portal to many of PCR-360’s most critical functions, enabling your business to manage the activities related to moving, adding, changing, or deleting transactions (MACDs).
Why it matters for you.
As things change across your infrastructure, it’s essential that you have the right tools to not only manage the workflow but also support your data integrity with automated updates to your inventory counts, location, and cable paths as well as chargeback for these services. Our Service Desk tool can help you handle the job with ease and integrate with other enterprise held desk solutions you may be using.

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Cable Infrastructure

Calming the chaos.

What it is.
When your cable infrastructure is constantly changing, PCR-360 helps you keep track of everything and save money over the long haul. It’s one of the most overlooked areas in many organizations, but it makes a big difference for the businesses who make it a priority.
Why it matters for you.
Tracking cable-related information ensures technicians are dispatched to the right place. It also ensures you have the level of services you need, without wasting money on services you shouldn’t have. With PCR-360, data is automatically updated through the work-flow process, and all guesswork is virtually eliminated.

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Chargeback / Billing

More than just cost recovery.

What it is.
In just a few clicks, you can create monthly billing for your customers, including all usage, one-time, and recurring costs related to the services you provide. PCR-360 works with any financial system to automatically allocate charges by GL or budget codes and can also provide A/R functionality to create actual invoices that allow you to accept payments and track account aging.
Why it matters for you.
Chargeback isn’t just about cost recovery. It’s about changing behavior to become more cost conscience across the organization. It’s ensuring you’re using the dollars you have in the savviest ways possible. PCR-360’s charge reports will help you gain better control of your expenses. Finally.

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Expense Management

Find mistakes before they’re a big deal.

What it is.
Communication services take up a large portion of your IT budget – typically 10-20% – and you need the assurance that the bills you receive from your carriers are correct. Managing this manually can be very time consuming and utilize some of your most valuable personnel resources. Utilizing a standard TEM service is very expensive and organizations with less than $5-10m annual spend typically see no ROI.
Why it matters for you.
Our solution doesn’t have 50 or more audit points. Instead, it’s designed to pinpoint the most common vendor mistakes—the mistakes that really make a difference. By focusing on these areas, PCR is able to provide an incredibly affordable solution—saving you valuable time and money.

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Putting data to good use.

What it is.
Having all of your data in a single repository is just a start. What good is that data if it isn’t helping you make better business decisions? While most vendors provide a number of canned reports and the ability for those with programming knowledge to create new reports, PCR takes a unique approach.
Why it matters for you.
PCR-360 provides a variety of ways to assimilate data and create reports. With our solution, even non-technical staff can create reports and produce them in several different formats, in a matter of minutes. Together, we can turn your data into a weapon of productivity, efficiency, and cost savings.

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An Introduction to PCR-360.