COMIT, PCR’s legacy Communications Management Information Tool, set us apart from the competition for three decades and provided the foundation for PCR-360.  COMIT is a solid Technology Management System and, while no longer actively marketed, it remains a viable component of our product portfolio. Continuously supporting COMIT is crucial to us and our customers.

Off-the-shelf software packages rarely meet large companies’ special requirements – and best-practices organizations such as ITIL acknowledge that every institution operates differently. COMIT enables you to leverage and build on existing processes within a new application, eliminating the need to re-work processes and re-train staff to meet your vendor’s needs. Its built-in workflows allow you to efficiently bundle internal business processes.

Customer-specific enhancements highlight this hybrid model of packaged software. COMIT allows you to streamline operations while preserving the unique requirements of your service delivery. You can count on this full-function, fully integrated technology management system to streamline your business by:

  • Reducing IT operating systems up to 40 percent
  • Decreasing overall startup costs
  • Improving employee and customer satisfaction
  • Cutting down on vendor costs

COMIT is compatible with numerous types of technology assets across all levels of your organization, no matter its size or complexity. The package includes WebCenter, PCR’s browser-based software allowing end users to initiate service requests and view account information and billing online.


Key Features

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COMIT Database

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Service Agreements

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