Streamlined. Cost-effective. And above all, flexible. Our PCR-360 technology management application is all of these things for all types of companies. Whether you’re large or small, well-established or a startup, PCR-360 is an essential tool for IT and communications departments, across all areas of tech-service delivery, tracking, and management.

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PCR-360 is the ideal IT management tool for large government agencies. Facing tighter and tighter budgets, tech managers need to find the highest quality data and voice (TDM, IP and VoIP) communications services at the lowest possible cost – and we can help.

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Colleges & Universities

PCR-360 is uniquely qualified to help educational institutions manage all emerging technologies efficiently and affordably. The system significantly consolidates communications services, keeping your operation tech-savvy, up-to-date, and, most importantly, competitive.

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Your centralized staff needs a powerful tool to administer essential services to end users throughout your network of hospitals, medical centers, and doctor’s offices. PCR-360 technology will be your single-platform hub, allowing access to information from all locations, providing status, inventory, and reporting for the entire organization.

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A multi-site network environment can be a challenge to manage. PCR-360’s comprehensive management functions provide essential support, allowing you to implement a centralized network operations center (CNOC) with enterprise-wide visibility for all components.

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